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Understanding Food Business Licenses, Insurances, And Certifications

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Organic Food Incubator

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What You'll Learn

Secret Tips & Tricks By Marc Lehmuller

Co-Host Marc Lehmuller, RBL Associates Inc., discusses some of the best strategies and tactics for new and current food businesses.

What You'll Need To Sell Food Products

Gain all the knowledge and information you need to know about selling food products legally in the United States.

Business Structure And Setup

You will gain valuable knowledge and advice on constructing your business for long-term success. We'll cover LLC, C-Corp, S-Corp, and other business entities.

Licenses And Certifications

You will learn about all of the requirements and business procedures that you must complete as a startup food business and as a successful business in the food industry.

Insurance Options

We will discuss the insurance options that are available for your business. We'll also talk about property, boiler & machinery, commercial general liability, and more

Documentations And Resources

You will learn more about the documentation and resources that are available in the food business industry. You'll also give

Co-Host Michael Schwartz

Over 25+ years of experience in the culinary and food production industry. Michael Schwartz is currently the President and Founder of the Organic Food incubator.  Skilled in Menu Engineering, Recipe development, Regulation compliance, and all aspects of food & beverage manufacturing.

He is also an advisor and consultant to small businesses, startups, and CPG brands. He has Instructed on food and beverage solutions for natural, organic, health-oriented food and food safety.